The use of ethnicity to define political life in the Balkans has gone from being a useful analytical vector to a means to discredit manifestations of political change since the wars of the 1990s. Recent municipal elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina have demonstrated this unit of analysis to be faulty.

A Pyrrhic Peace

The international community condemns “Europe’s last dictator”, but its rhetoric rings hollow as another strengthens his grip on power.

Aleksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko and Milo Đukanović (via

The End Of Europe’s Last Dictator?

Over the past few weeks, Western media outlets seem to have re-discovered the existence of Belarus. The country that is largely known for its plentiful harvests of potatoes and its proximity…

In the aftermath of a scandal directly linking the country’s political leadership with corrupt activities, an unprecedented number of protesters swarmed the streets of Montenegro’s capital Podgorica. What can one expect now?

A first scandal?

Before President Donald Trump’s unceremonious shove of its Prime Minister at a 2017 NATO summit, Montenegro was largely…

Pavle Bozalo

Undergraduate student in Political Science at the University of Ottawa. I write about Eastern European political issues and culture.

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